At the Balwyn service, we have initiated a variety of projects that provide valuable community participation. Whether it is tending the garden, delivering Meals on Wheels, helping at animal farms or offering a dog walking service, there is always something to do. Within the service, there are always opportunities to try something new and frequent opportunities to participate in social activities.

The staff at Balwyn are able to offer programs that are tailored to individuals over the age of 18 who would like to continue to build their functional life skills and independence, and also  older individuals who would like to continue to build their skills and enjoy a range of recreational options.

Balwyn is a flexible site with a range of different spaces surrounded by a large open spaces, a thriving garden and adjacent to parkland which is unique for promoting a healthy lifestyle for participants.

Balwyn is focused on providing a small group based programs both onsite and within the local community that are designed to meet participants NDIS goals.


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Where are we located?

    51 Naroo Street, Balwyn Vic 3103

    Phone: (03) 9886 1111 Ext 351 &352

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