The Ringwood Next Step service focuses on self-directed planning. Each person is encouraged to set clear goals for themselves. They identify any skills they need to develop in order to achieve those goals, and then to take action to support their NDIS goals.

At Ringwood, we provide opportunities for people to stretch their expectations of themselves as they develop practical and meaningful day-to-day skills through a range of activities based onsite and within the local community. Many participants who attend Ringwood have previously completed the SLES program after leaving high school.

The combination of a flexible timetable and smaller group sizes supports tailoring programs to enable participants to meet their NDIS goals while continuing to build their independent living skills and social skills.


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Next Step Ringwood is ideally located a short walk from Ringwood railway station.


Where are we located?

  90B Maroondah Hwy Vic 3134

  Phone: (03) 9886 1111 Ext 400 & 401