Bryants Rd

The Bryants Road Next Step service focuses on self-directed planning. Each person is encouraged to set clear goals for themselves. They identify any skills they need to develop in order to achieve those goals, and then to take action to support their NDIS goals.

The key focus of the program is to promote independence, self-advocacy, and decision making. We teach people the importance of being accountable for their decisions and aim to provide them with the necessary grounding for the next phase of their development. Through our work in the local area, we create connections for volunteering and work placements with local businesses and community services. This is an ideal opportunity for gaining valuable work and life experience. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn and develop practical skills in areas such as, independent living, numeracy & literacy, developing maturity, as well as building friendships and social networks.

Next Step Bryants Road has a dynamic timetable that allows for personalisation and for participants to work towards their NDIS goals through the use of small groups both onsite and within the wider community.


This service is suitable for young people generally 18 and above:

  • Looking to develop open employment skills (we support people receiving SLES funding)
  • Willing to build and expand on work and independent living skills
  • Motivated to learn
  • Able to work within a group setting
  • The program is suitable for people with School Leavers Support Employment or Core Funding via NDIS



The Service is easily accessible by public transport.

If you are interested in attending this service please click on the link below.


Where are we located?

  5A 11 Bryants Rd Dandenong

 Phone: (03) 9886 1111 ext 361 & 362