Trevor Eddy

President and Chairman

Trevor’s first contact with Burke and Beyond was in 2006 where he consulted on the strategic plan. He joined the Board in 2008 and was elected President and Chairman in 2010. He participates in each of the Boards’ sub-committees.

His professionaI career spanned more than 40 years in business and industry where he managed and lead numerous key functions and start-up businesses at senior levels of National Australia Bank such as Financial Planning, Rural Banking, Private Banking and Professional Development.

He was named City of Whitehorse, 2019 Australia Day Citizen of the Year, 2019 Westfield Local Hero and Chisholm Volunteer of the year for 2017. He currently supports eleven community groups as either Office Bearer, Advocate, Consultant, or Adviser and is passionate about helping them achieve their goals and aspirations and navigating the complexities of business and Governments. He believes strongly in business ethics, a fair go for all and particularly helping the marginalised, lonely, elderly, disabled or those for whom English is not their first language get what they are entitled to.

He holds fellowships with the Institute of Management and Leadership, FINSIA & Australian Sales and Marketing Institute and sits on a number of Community and Educational Advisory Boards. Trevor is a qualified International Senior Executive Coach and a Graduate of Leadership Victoria's Experience Bank Program. He is a Senator and Life Member of JCI Australia, was National President of JCIA and also named Outstanding Senator and Outstanding Member of the World.

Married to Emi, Trevor has lived in the City of Whitehorse for 26 years.